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The next meeting of the Leadership Council will take place on Sunday December 8, at 1:00 pm at St. Paul;s Church, Dowagiac.  All are welcome. 

Worship at Covenant Churches

The worship schedules for the Covenant Churches are listed below. Rev. Diane will celebrate along with supply clergy for assistance. All are welcome to join us as they are comfortable. The tabs on the menu provide address and map directions.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Dowagiac

Saturday, Nov 2, 5:00 pm, Eucharist, Rite II  

Sunday,   Nov 3, 10:00 am, Morning Prayer

Sunday,   Nov 10, 10:00 am, Morning Prayer  

Sunday,   Nov 17, 10:00 am, Eucharist, Rite II

Sunday,   Nov 24, 10:00 am, Eucharist, Rite II

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, St. Joe

Sunday,    Nov 3, 9:30 am, Morning Prayer

Sunday,    Nov 10, 9:30 am, Eucharist, Rite II 

Sunday,    Nov 17, 9:30 am, Eucharist, Rite II 

Saturday,  Nov 23, 5:00 pm, Dinner Church, Eucharist, Rite II

Sunday,   Nov 24, 9:30 am, Morning Prayer

Trinity Episcopal Church, Niles

Sunday,    Nov 3, 9:30 am, Eucharist, Rite II

Sunday,    Nov 10, 9:30 am, Eucharist, Rite II

Saturday, Nov 16, 5:00 pm, Eucharist, Rite II

Sunday,    Nov 17, 9:30 am, Morning Prayer

Sunday,    Nov 24, 9:30 am, Morning Prayer

So, how about a Covenant

Book Club?!?


The first book I’ve selected is “The Bluest Eye,” by the late Toni Morrison. 


The story is about a young girl growing up in Ohio following the Depression.  She is

constantly told she is “ugly” and she believes the misinformation.  She equates blue

eyes with beauty, which is associated with “whiteness.”  It is a provocative book

which deals with issues of racism and child abuse.  As much as we find these issues

disgusting, they are part of our human condition.  They are part of the world in

which we live and part of the lives of God’s broken people who need the comfort

of Jesus.

Because the book was first released in 2007, it should be readily available at your library.  It is also available in print and Kindle versions.  There is also an audible edition.  Please decide what format you want to read and start reading!

Dates and times of book club gatherings, at least for now, will be as listed.  We can adjust based on interest.  We will begin in November

Niles               November 12, second Tues. of the month          3:00 pm

Dowagiac       November 13, second Wed. of the month          10:00 am & 5:00 pm

St. Joseph      November 14, second Thurs. of the month        2:00 pm


Please, give us a read!


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