Our  Rector

The Reverend Diane M. Pike, (Diane, or Reverend Diane,as she prefers to be called), joined us on our journey with Advent in December of 2018. She is a native of Michigan and was excited to come back to her roots.

Diane joined us as a priest of seven years following a career in the secular world working in fund raising and stewardship. Her background also includes non-profit management. She has a Master of Divinity from the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest (Austin), a Master in guidance and counselling, as well as a Bachelor degree in behavioral science and elementary education. Diane has served as both the Rector and Associate Rector of parishes large and small since her ordination and has a wide variety of experience.  She is joined by her fur baby, Lexi.

Diane is loving, embracing, and full of energy. She is our self proclaimed “cheerleader”. She loves empowering the laity and their ministry and is eager to provide her support. As a leader, she takes her role very seriously but also as a leader, she expects us all to work alongside her as we move through our life together.

Leading such a diverse group is new to Diane as well as the rest of us. This is a new path we all walk and we will stumble. Always remember that the stumble is meant to turn us to the right path and to refocus us to our future. It is God’s “little nudge” that we have lost sight of God’s plan and focused on our own. A stumble is good. Let’s breathe, look up and let those stumbles roll off our back.

Keep the members of our Covenant in your heart and prayers. Any one of our parish congregations is wonderful, together we are awesome!

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